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I am very proud to be collaborating with Babybond Ultrasound Direct. You may have seen my newborn images displayed throughout their South coast clinics. Babybond offer lots of different baby scans including high definition 4D scans. Their staff are professional and are fully qualified medical Sonographers. Terms and conditions: Your Babybond booking reference number will need to be supplied at the time of booking. The discount can be only be applied at the time of the newborn shoot booking and not at a later date. You are responsible for informing me about your booked scan or if you have just had a scan with Babybond at the time of booking. Valid for your current pregnancy only, not after delivery of you baby. The session fee is non refundable.

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If you attend without a suitable face covering single-use masks are available to buy at the time of your appointment, subject to availability. Whether you need an urgent early pregnancy assessment, date your baby with a first scan or a fast-result gender scan, Ultrasound Direct Southampton is the place to be for pregnancy scans in the Hampshire area. We’ve got NHS provider status, and we’ve been externally audited by the official regulator. But if you want something truly special, we’re one of the few regulated clinics in the UK, and one of only three clinics on the south coast, to offer high definition 4D scans.

Patients with early pregnancy symptoms attend their GP Surgery and are asked to make a Private Scanning – the following hospitals can offer scans such as: .

Our affordable Self Pay treatments are an extension of our existing services. If you are exploring the option of paying for yourself, this alternative solution allows you to quickly access high quality treatments without the need for private insurance. To learn more about paying for yourself, complete the contact form or call our dedicated Self Pay Advisors on. Self pay is the perfect option if you require hospital treatment but fall into any of the below categories:.

These prices will be explained to you in advance of payment. All prices are correct at the time of printing and are subject to change without prior notice. Ask your Private Patient Sales Advisor for the full terms and conditions or download them here. We continue to support NHS England during the Coronavirus crisis by providing the additional capacity it needs to treat non COVID patients, but are now planning a gradual return to treating our own elective patients.

Switch hospital and waiting lists What is the e-Referral Service? Health professionals Why refer patients to us? You can download our full list of Private Patient treatments here.

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This is available to both individuals and families. It offers multiple benefits and enables you to spread lower payments throughout the year to cover the costs of your private GP healthcare with our doctors. It includes:.

You will have to pay to have an abortion at a private clinic and prices will vary You undergo a pregnancy test and an ultrasound scan; The date and time of.

We offer a simple yet full range of ultrasound scans to suit every stage of your pregnancy. Whether you are looking for reassurance , an early gender reveal or a full 4D experience, our friendly staff are on hand to help you. Our private ultrasound clinic is equipped with the latest technology and provides some exciting extras, such as our gender reveal lighting — the whole room lights up pink for a girl and blue for a boy! Hey Baby 4D Southampton offers a comfortable and relaxed environment for expectant parents to meet their unborn babies , taking home memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Bonding with your baby is a magical experience; one that we cherish as much as you do. If you have any special requirements for your visit, please let our friendly team know and we will do what we can to accommodate you. Take your time to enjoy the Hey Baby 4D experience. Feel free to bring up to 5 guests to your appointment. I won a competition for a free scan and went for my reassurance yesterday, as I have had 7 pregnancy losses in the last 9 years.

The area is really quiet, and peaceful.

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Call our advice line Home Abortion Pills. We’ve been helping people with their reproductive health options for over 40 years. We provide NHS-funded and self-funded abortion and vasectomy care through our network of local clinics all over England. You can give us a call whenever you need us. Our advice line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The purpose of this abdominal ultrasound is to assess the major abdominal organs including the Liver, Gallbladder, Bile ducts, Pancreas, Kidneys and Spleen.

Candover Clinic offers the most up to date MRI and CT technology delivering high quality imaging using wide aperture scanners for maximum patient comfort. Our diagnostic centre includes the latest ultrasound, X-ray, cardiology, ophthalmology and urodynamic equipment. Candover Clinic owns and operates an ultra modern MRI scanning facility within the outpatients unit.

Our ultra-modern MRI scanner is the only wide bore, short length unit in the area. The scanner central hole is over a third bigger than other scanners significantly reducing the feeling of being in a small space during imaging. Situated in a spacious, light scanning room our CT scanner also has a wide bore providing much greater comfort for claustrophobic patients.

The longer couch movement combined with short scan times enables scanning of entire body in one run. The equipment is also low dose technology for maximum patient X-Ray safety. Traditionally pathology includes 4 major specialties;.

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At Window to the Womb Southampton, we offer a range of diagnostic, private ultrasound scans for every stage of pregnancy. Our goal is to ensure your family feel safe during your experience and we will always put the well-being of mum and baby first. Our clinic staff undergo extensive training and will be on-hand to answer any of your family’s pregnancy questions.

Our specialist Sonographers use the latest in private ultrasound technology and we have close relationships with local NHS hospitals – to ensure you have on-going care if needed. Our baby scan clinic accommodates up to 7 additional guests excluding mum, with large viewing screens to guarantee you an all-inclusive baby scan experience.

Introducing Hey Baby 4D Southampton, a new ultrasound specialist now based at the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre at the Ageas Bowl.

Meet your little one at our baby scanning clinic. Peace of mind from as early as 6 weeks. Meet your baby in 4D video. Beautiful experiences and memories to treasure. The above guidance is relevant only to attendance within our clinic and does not replace national guidance. You will be informed of any changes if any that affect you prior to your appointment. Hey Baby 4D in Southampton provides you with a variety of baby scan packages to suit all stages of your pregnancy.

Whether you’re looking for a reassurance scan, a wellbeing check or a 4D scan , you can count on us to make it a magical experience for you! All our scans are aimed at providing you with essential information about the health and well-being of your baby, as well as a natural bonding process with your unborn baby. Whether you’re looking for reassurance, gender confirmation, the chance to bond with your baby or a 4D scan , you can count on us to make it a magical experience!

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Please contact the private maternity hospitals listed here to know more about the packages they provide. These packages offer the choice of a consultant-led private birth or a midwife-led private birth. You may also want to look at our list of carefully selected private obstetricians and private maternity care clinics that provide a high quality service. Alternatively, simply complete our enquiry form and we will forward it to relevant private maternity hospitals on your behalf.

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Babybond Scan Collaboration. I am very proud to be collaborating with Babybond Ultrasound Direct. You may have seen my newborn images displayed​.

Feel free to bring your own scan. Our expert sonographers always conduct a fresh scan so we have the latest information to treat you. What to expect:. Phone Number. Email Address. Your Comments. We have set out safety guidelines for our staff and patients if you could read them here. Please note we are still providing video consultations for all patients who would prefer a consultation remotely, and to have a condition all questions that can be assessed this way.

Click here to view our approved Covid-Secure protocol. Read our Patient Reviews here:. Varicose Veins.

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Like all private midwives, we have to charge for our services. We offer several care packages:. Initial free consultation.

informed choices throughout pregnancy and childbirth offers the opportunity to shape the delivery Only 1% of births were conducted in other hospitals including private providers. Figure 2 birth, Reason for dating scan, Reason for Down’s.

Online Booking. I got a next day appointment and was seen on time. I was kept fully informed as the ultrasound procedure was performed. At the end of the appointment my concerns were fully addressed and my anxieties relieved. The purpose of this abdominal ultrasound is to assess the major abdominal organs:. This scan is performed for a wide range of reasons some of which include:.

Our mission of better quality healthcare for everyone really sets us apart from the vast majority of other clinics and is the main reason why we are amongst the few diagnostic clinics to not only be approved by but also provide services to the NHS and thus the general public. This also means that unlike many other clinics we have additional strict quality control measures which we must adhere to meaning you are in safe hands with us and our team.

Unlike other diagnostic tests which produce results for analysis, ultrasound imaging is “real- time” therefore the quality of the scan being performed is the basis of the information you take away and heavily depends upon the expertise, experience and skill of the healthcare professional scanning you. This is an important point which is often overlooked by many people when deciding where to go, therefore you can be reassured that at The Scan Clinic you will always be seen by an expert who has vast expertise and experience in the field of medical ultrasound.

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Whether you need an urgent early scan, first scan for dating or a fast-result gender scan, portsmouth offer a full range scan pregnancy scans. You might have noticed that this is longer than most providers offer. It’s true that you won’t usually need this extended appointment when everything is going well. But if the outcome of your scan is unexpected, these longer appointment times enable our dating professionals to act on their duty portsmouth care both professionally and compassionately.

Our professional sonographers are ultrasound up by a recognised clinical pathway for any further scan you may need. We’ve dating NHS provider status, and we’ve been externally audited by the official regulator.

What is a dating scan? A dating scan is usually the first ultrasound scan you will have when pregnant. The main purpose is to establish the number of weeks you​.

An ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves and their echoes to create pictures of your growing baby. Ultrasound pictures scans are black, white and grey. There are different reasons for doing ultrasound scans at different stages during your pregnancy. Everyone is offered two routine scans, which are:. You might be offered more scans if you have any health problems that might affect your pregnancy such as diabetes.

Your midwife or obstetrician a doctor who specialises in pregnancy and childbirth will let you know if you need any extra scans. Your midwife or doctor can tell how far into your pregnancy you are by measuring your baby’s crown—rump length. This is the length of your baby from the top of their head to their rump bottom. On average, your baby is about 8. This scan will also tell you if you’re expecting more than one baby.

If you want to, your sonographer or doctor can also screen you for Down’s syndrome at this scan. They might also ask you to have a blood test. Your doctor or sonographer will check your baby’s major organs, arms and legs, and measure the size of their head, waist and thigh bone.

When and where should I get my dog scanned for pregnancy?

If you do not want to have an abortion on the NHS then your other option is to go to a private clinic. The main reason is that of having to wait. Some women want the procedure to be done as soon as possible and with little disruption to their lives. They do not want to go on a waiting list but would rather have it done when they want.

Babybond® Baby Scan in Southampton from 6 weeks | UK No.1 Ultrasound Direct Southampton is the place to be for pregnancy scans in the Hampshire area​.

Remember Me. Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. Getting your dog scanned for pregnancy with ultrasound is very reliable and accurate, provided it is performed:. The earliest you should book an appointment with a mobile pregnancy scanner is when your dog would be at 30 days gestation. If you have been performing progesterone testing, you may feel very confident about how many days pregnant your animal should be. If you are going by number of days post-mating and your bitch has had multiple matings, remember to always use the latest most recent date.

Conception does not necessarily occur on the day of mating or artificial insemination, which is why it is really important not to go by the first mating — you could end up overestimating her current gestation by up to a week!

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